Lit Mag Love
Get smart (and fearless) about lit-mag publishing

A Four-Week Program

Get tonnes of support and help along the way from me, Rachel Thompson.

Read on the learn more about the course curriculum, bonuses, and what my students say about my teaching.

You, writer ...

  • Want to feel like a professional writer, not an amateur. You need some proof that you're not just wasting your time with this writing thing. (But nobody has given you an official card to confirm you're a writer.)
  • Would love to finish some pieces. You're having trouble with focus and motivation. You're flailing, worried you're expending energy to no purpose. You're ready to build a portfolio of your writing. Your writing time is sporadic—sometimes the words come easy, other times there's a lot of resistance and procrastination.
  • Want to get get your writing out in the world. Instead, it's gathering dust in a miscellaneous writing file on your computer. You need help staying accountable to your goals and a little push to get submitting.
  • Would like off the roller coaster of feeling hopeful when you submit work, then crushed when it's rejected. You want to navigate the hardships of the publishing process better, so you can enjoy the bliss and flow of writing. You're tired of these fears becoming an excuse to not submit your writing to journals.
  • Want to find your audience. You're ready for more visibility in the writing community. You want to be read and you would love to have an editor who will champion your work. Perhaps even someone to help you move toward that book deal.
  • Want to find a writing community that will embrace you. You know writing is done in quiet solitude, but you yearn for a community of like-minded people.

Or, maybe you've just been waiting for something to magically happen with your writing life ...

when the reality is that you're missing out on opportunities to achieve your literary dreams because of your fears (analysis paralysis) or a misunderstanding about how lit mags work.

Student Case Study: Renée Francoeur

Renée is a journalist, gardener, yogi, baker, library volunteer, avid reader of historical fiction. She writes poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. 


When I met Renée, she was finding it hard to come home and write after writing all day in her work as a journalist. 

Renée joined Lit Mag Love so she could stop putting energy into submitting in the wrong places. After taking the course, here is what she said:

“Rachel, thank you so much for helping me target what I'm really looking to do with my work and with literary magazines, and for making this world that is at first extremely intimidating more accessible and fun. ”


confident and clear about exactly which journals to send your writing. You send your work out as a reflex, and don't feel like hiding in your turtle shell each time you release your words into the world.

You know exactly what you're working toward with your writing in the short and long-term, and you can zero-in on the steps that will help you achieve your writing goals.

You've found your ideal readers. You're no longer afraid to write your story, knowing it needs to be written, just as it needs to be read by people who appreciate your work.


You're so close to this ... and I know this, because ...


Like you, I'm a writer, and I used to be unsure of how to navigate submissions in a sea of literary journals and an even bigger sea of “advice” out there for writers. (Sure, some of the free advice was helpful—but most was decidedly not.) I know how it feels to flail around in your writing life, unable to finish work, let alone get it in front of editors who love and want to share your writing.

Luckily, I had great support from writing mentors, worked hard at my craft, and not only published my poetry and prose in lit mags, I went on to publish my book of poems with Anvil Press, and won the SFU First Book Competition for my writing. Now I love to share everything I've learned about writing with my students. 


Hi, I'm Rachel, 

In addition to being a published literary author, I was a managing editor, and am currently a lit mag editor who reads, accepts, and—sorry—rejects writing submissions. This course is part of the community I'm building called Lit Writers, based on the idea that just because we write alone, doesn't mean our writing lives have to be lonely.

Offline, I have had the pleasure of being connected to a writing community that has supported me and my writing over decades. I wish this support for all writers. After spending years of mentoring writers and editors, I decided to take this mission to a bigger audience in the form of this course.

“Rachel deeply cares about helping emerging and established writers. She believes in building and cultivating writing communities—spaces for writers to meet, share work, get feedback, and grow. This course can help new and established writers alike gain tips for navigating the lit mag landscape, submitting your work, and learning how to best cut through the clutter of the literary world to focus on your specific goals.”


Marlena Chertock

What Lit Mag Love Students Say ...

Heather Ringo

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to publish in literary magazines, but really any writer who is interested in joining a community and honing their craft.”


Odalys Santos

“In this sea of free books on How to Get Published, How to Write Your First Novel, How to Write a Short Story...Rachel really helped us. Anytime we had a question, any time we had any doubts, she was there and she really helped us find our way.” 
Screenshot 2017-03-01 11.12.20-1.png
“What a wonderful experience meeting everyone, connecting, and spending the last month talking writing and submissions! I'm so glad we got to share this course, and, Rachel, thank you for all your hard work, your patience, and your passion for writing. They come through loud and clear, and they've rubbed off on all of us.”

—Ekta Garg

“Lit Mag Love was the impetus I needed to get serious and motivated about my submissions. Rachel was a luminous guide offering equal parts gentle prompts and discerning truths. The key takeaway was being accountable to myself for creating a system and in that process I got to connect with other amazing writers.”

—Deborah Johnstone

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Create a tailored list of publications to submit your work

  1. Get Clear About Why You Want to Publish in Journals
  2. Explore the Lit Mag Landscape
  3. Pairing Journals to Fit Your Writing Goals

Module 2: Prepare Your Submission

  1. What Do Editors Want?
  2. Ready Your Writing
  3. Preparing Your Submission

Module 3: Build Your Submissions System

  1. Goals and Systems
  2. Fine-Tune Your Lit Mag List
  3. The Cover Letter

Module 4: Hit Submit & Prepare for Feedback

  1. Submit!
  2. Rejection and Hyper-Critical Feedback
  3. Types of rejection
  4. The Art of Acceptance