BC Air Supply and Service Company

Caliber Distribution and Service Company is one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning equipment. They produce a wide range of models for both residential and commercial applications. They have been in business since 1973. They provide extensive technical support for their products and are very customer friendly.

Their main products include: Cascade, Encore, EC-475, EC-600, Forstner Deluxe, Finch, Freshening, Gator, Haskins, Hypertension, Magnum, Plus, Twinplex, Quesada, Quretix, EQV, Reactor, Revolution, Rooftop, Sienna, ThermaPump, Tusqulat, Vista Elite, Vista Elite 2 and Waveman. Of these, only Tusqulat and Vista Elite 2 are high end. Most other models are budget versions.

Caliber can supply their air conditioning and refrigeration products to customers located anywhere in Canada and the United States. Caliber also has the capacity to service and maintain the equipment they sell. The range of services that they offer are as follows:

Installation: One of the most important parts of installing electrical appliances in the house is to make sure the house receives the correct supply of power and air. Caliber can install any kind of household appliance that you might have.

Maintenance: Caliber offers maintenance services for its air conditioning products, which include regular maintenance checks, general repair and replacements, and the installation of necessary upgrades. Customers are able to contact them directly or through a toll-free hotline. In addition, customers can contact them via emails or telephone and schedule inspections at any time.

Technicians: Caliber is a reputable company for supplying air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. They have trained technicians available to assist customers on an emergency basis, as well as scheduling inspections. They can also provide training and education on different types of electrical appliances.

Service and support: Air conditioning and refrigeration are a crucial part of our everyday lives. Therefore, one of the responsibilities of owning a Caliber product is that you should be able to call on the service of the company for any repair and replacement needs https://www.bcairsupply.com/.

In conclusion, Caliber products can provide different kinds of electrical appliances for your home. You can choose from the range of models that are offered. Of course, you can upgrade and install your appliances yourself.